Butter Lamp Sponsorship Donation

Butter Lamp Offerings Mar Me (Butter Fire)

Offering a butter lamp or many butter lamps (sometimes 100,000 are offered) is deeply ingrained in the Tibetan tradition. Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is as a way to think quite simply they ‘make light.’ Lamps can be offered when starting a new venture, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or graduation, to say thank you, to pray, to make an offering to a temple or statue or when someone you know or yourself is in trouble.

Offer butter lamps whenever you feel there is a need for more light in one way or another. In Tibet, butter was what was used to make light quite literally and it was an expression of richness in a culture with sparse resources and very limited agricultural production. 

Personalize your offering
If you wish to include what you are sponsoring the butter lamps for it will be read at our weekly Tsog (tantric feast offering); please add a name in the NOTE section  before adding the item to the cart.

 (For a quantity not listed, choose 10 and then adjust the quantity.)